Childline Listening Service launches new virtual schools and clubs outreach video

ISPCC Childline is sharing a unique insight into the Childline Listening Service with children, young people, parents, carers and teachers in a new virtual school outreach video.

The piece has been released to coincide with World Children’s Day, which takes place on November 20th.

In the virtual outreach video, Louise and Jackie from the Childline Listening Services team bring children and young people on a journey exploring topics including:

  • What is Childline?
  • How does Childline work?
  • What can children and young people talk about with Childline?
  • Why does Childline focus on strengthening resilience?

The video, which is approx. 8 minutes in duration, can be viewed in the YouTube player above.

For more information on the Childline Listening Service – and support and information for children and young people – see

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