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Resilience Matters

Resilience Matters - ISPCC Youth Participation Event Case Study

The recommendations of the Cork Matters report, published in 2018, highlighted a desire for increased awareness around resilience and the ability to bounce back from life’s challenges. This was the impetus for the next event in the Cork Matters series: ‘Resilience Matters’.

I Have, I Am, I Can

Resilience is at the heart of all that the ISPCC does. Working to the model of ‘I Have, I Am, I Can’, the ISPCC Child and Family Support Service works to strengthen children and young people’s relationships, their self-esteem and self-worth and their coping skills.

Children's Input

With the support of Tusla Seed Funding, ‘Resilience Matters’ was designed to further explore the topic of resilience with children and young people from the Ballincollig and Youghal areas. In addition, it was planned that children’s views would be captured to inform content for the evolving ISPCC Childline website. It was of great importance to the organisation that children and young people had the opportunity to input into the creation of support material for their peers.

Once more, members of the ISPCC Children’s Advisory Committee in Cork played a vital role in the planning and execution of the ‘Resilience Matters’ day which took place in November 2018.

Bouncing Back

ISPCC Services Manager Gillian Baker presented to those in attendance on the topic of resilience in one of the first sessions of the day. She informed pupils and teachers alike about how individuals can become stronger in their ability to bounce back from whatever comes their way in life.

Gillian said: “We will all have difficulties at some stage in life, but with love, support, confidence and a belief in ourselves, we can face these head on.

  • You are an amazing, wonderfully unique person
  • You have the power in you to overcome challenges in life
  • Be kind to yourself and kind to others”

Resilience Mottos

Children and young people attending the event expressed their views by sharing their thoughts around resilience on large sheets of coloured card dotted around the room and by writing a line or two for the ‘Resilience Motto’ wall. These uplifting, insightful and motivational mottos became a focal attraction at the venue for the remainder of the day. A flavour of the words shared shined through one participant’s motto of: ‘Resilience is brilliance’.

Headbomz, Wreckin' Yer Head

‘Headbomz, Wreckin Yer’ Head’ author Oisin McGann took part in the second half of the day and spoke with the pupils, students and teachers gathered on his experience of life as an author, a father and a citizen and how he has bounced back from challenges. Members of the ISPCC Children’s Advisory Committee in Cork interviewed Oisin through an engaging set of questions and answers which was well received.

The ‘Resilience Matters’ event, which followed the ‘Cork Matters’ consultations with members of the Youghal and Ballincollig communities, saw a rich sharing of empowering information among children and young people and between those in attendance and the ISPCC. Findings from the day, including children’s thoughts on resilience and on the type of content which should be featured on the transformed website, will continue to help to inform the ISPCC’s work into the future.