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Vodafone Ireland Foundation

Vodafone Ireland Foundation and ISPCC Childline have been working together since 2016 on the joint ambition of keeping children safe by keeping them connected.

The Three Key Pillars Of This Partnership Are:


To help Childline build a new digital platform.

Online Safety

To support Childline's mission of educating and protecting children in the online world.


To encourage Vodafone employees to support the partnership by using their skills and raising funds.

Brand and Communications

Each of these pillars is supported by a Brand and Communications mission to help increase awareness of ISPCC Childline among children and young people in Ireland.

Talking Makes Us Stronger

Through its partnership with ISPCC Childline, Vodafone has committed to covering the cost of all calls to Childline until 2025 and to donating €2 million from the Foundation over five years.

The Vodafone Ireland Foundation has kindly supported ISPCC Childline in the development of a new digital platform, which will ensure Childline is there for children through whichever means they feel most comfortable using to make contact.

ISPCC Childline has teamed up with the Vodafone Ireland Foundation to create the fabulous Talking Makes Us Stronger campaign, featuring Headbomz. You can read more about the campaign here.

The campaign’s latest venture is a great new children’s book called Headbomz ‘Wreckin’ Yer Head and you can download your free copy here.

Vodafone Employee Engagement

Vodafone employees have also been involved in activities and events for ISPCC Childline, including: the building of ISPCC Childine’s new digital platform; the Headbomz campaign; Oskars events, Strictly Come Dancing and much more besides.

Vodafone employees collaborated during September 2018 to raise vital funds for Childline. Vodafone Ireland CEO, Anne O’Leary swam 1k in the Irish Sea every day during September and raised over €9,000 – which was a big boost to the overall total raised of almost €45,000! This money will go towards training new Childline volunteers to work around the clock to answer contacts from children and young people across Ireland.

ISPCC Childline looks forward to continuing to build on this partnership and to working together to make real change for the children who contact Childline.