ISPCC Launches Shield Anti-Bullying Programme

shield anti-bullying programme

ISPCC has launched a new Anti-Bullying programme, Shield, to mark Anti-Bullying Week (14th -18th Nov)

The programme aims to support schools, clubs and other organisations engaging with children in their efforts to proactively manage bullying and protect children from bullying through prevention and intervention strategies.

The programme was developed as a direct response to the issue of bullying and how it is impacting the mental and emotional health and wellbeing of children.

ISPCC’s Anti-Bullying Coordinator Victoria Howson says:

“Bullying is very prevalent and can have significant impacts on a child and young person’s life, sometimes well into adulthood. Research tells us that over one third of children in Ireland have been bullied*.

“Children who reach out to our Childline 24-Hour support line and those we engage with through our therapeutic supports share their experiences of bullying with us. They speak about being alienated, intimidated, belittled, isolated, physically harmed, targeted for being ‘different’, taunted on social media platforms, amongst others. It is clear we all must do more to reduce the incidences of bullying and the harm it can cause.”

A key component of the Shield Programme is the Shield Self-Evaluation tool.  ISPCC has distilled the latest research and into 10 Shield Statements that are evidenced-based.

By working through and reflecting on these statements and associated questions, schools, clubs and those in other youth settings, will identify their areas of strength and those necessitating development in their approach to bullying.

“So much great work is being undertaken in schools and youth settings around the country in combating bullying and that is so encouraging,” says Victoria Howson. “We hope to support these efforts further with a practical, user friendly, evidence-informed programme.”

This Anti-Bullying Week, ISPCC is encouraging all anti-bullying coordinators and those with responsibility for anti-bullying in youth settings to find out more information and register for the FREE Shield Anti-Bullying programme here.

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