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Choosing a suitable creche or preschool

There are a few simple steps parents, guardians and carers can follow to help them choose the most suitable childcare for their child. 


When considering a creche or preschool

  • Arrange a visit - dropping in unannounced will help give you a sense of whether everything is as it should be. Mealtimes may be a good time to drop in, if possible, as you may then have an opportunity to check the standard of food which may be served to your child


Supporting my child’s identity
Having a strong sense of identity for a child is about learning they are valued and worthy of attention. Children with a strong sense of identity look for and are open to new challenges.
Talking with children about murder

It is very difficult for any member of our society to understand why a person is murdered. 

Often our immediate reaction as parents is to shield our children from even knowing that such violence exists. We may feel an instinctive urge to protect our children and shelter them from the horrific facts of such tragedies.

However, it is important that parents / carers engage with children around their feelings, give them the opportunity to talk and help empower them the skills to cope.


Gambling  is an addiction and those implicated may require  professional help to overcome their addiction. Gambling can affect the functioning of family relationships. 

The entire family can suffer as a result of the behaviour and thinking of the gambling addict. The severity of how each family is impacted on depends on the severity of the gambling problem and how long it has gone on for.  This can result in serious financial, psychological, emotional and legal problems for the family unit, completely undermining family functioning, often to the point of a collapse.

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