5 Steps To Get Parents Online Ready

ISPCC Childline, in partnership with the Vodafone Ireland Foundation, have developed a guide to ‘5 Steps to Get Parents Online Ready’.

You can download the document here.

1 –  Ready to Learn?

Keeping yourself informed on the latest popular apps and their functions will not only help you understand your children’s online activity, but will also help your communication with them.

2 – Ready to Build Trust?

Creating a trusting and open environment when it comes to online behaviours will encourage your children to share any concerns or negative experiences.

3 – Ready to Get Them Questioning?

Help your child to develop crucial online perception skills by teaching them to think critically and question.

4 – Ready to Use Safety Tools?

Children’s use of the internet presents great potential benefits. Access to certain applications, websites and games, however, should be age-appropriate in order to best protect your children from potential dangers.

5 – Ready to Notice?

While it is important to remember that the positives of the internet outweigh the negatives, it is crucial to understand the potential dangers which exist online.

For more information, articles and videos about online safety, visit our Digital Ready Hub. 

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