Can Your Organisation Support The Childline Christmas Appeal 2023: Read Orla's Story Now

This Christmas, what some children want more than anything is to be safe and loved.

They need a guardian angel. Will it be you?

Some children dream of a Christmas filled with presents, family and food. For others, it can be filled with dread and pain. The thoughts of Santa coming to visit them is replaced by a fear that an unwanted monster will arrive at their doorstep.

Orla is one of those calls that our volunteers at Childline will never forget. When she began calling us, she was around 9 or 10. The more we spoke to her, we began to understand what was happening to her.

Orla was being abused at home. It’s hard to know a child is being abused. You’d do anything to stop her pain. She told us how she doesn’t like adults, and how a monster comes to visit her at night.  

Childline wants to be there to listen to and protect children just like Orla. Your support will allow us to do that 

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The monster was in her home. He should have been one of the most trusted people in her life. Instead, he was a monster who terrified and abused her.

What Orla needs right now is a guardian angel, not a monster. She needs to know that there’s someone out there that cares for her. That’s why we urgently need your support to make sure there’s always someone there to listen to children just like Orla.

It’s impossible to understand why any adult would harm a child, but far too many children are living with abuse.

Even though Orla was going through such pain. She would always check in with our volunteers and ask ‘’are you okay?’’ after sharing something extremely heartbreaking. While dealing with such abuse, in her little girl’s voice, she worried about the person listening to her. Now she needs someone to care for her!

Let's Be There For Any Child Who Is Alone Is Suffering Reaches Out

By donating today, you’ll be making sure that Childline is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, including Christmas – and that there’s always someone there to help protect children just like Orla.  

ISPCC Childline is 75% funded through generous gifts from our donors and supporters. Without that support, we couldn’t continue to be there for children. 

Your support is needed today – so that no child needs to feel alone this Christmas!
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What your gift will mean to a child like Orla this Christmas

Feel Listened To

“When I am down, I don’t want advice. I just want someone to listen. Knowing there is someone who listens to me really helps.”

Olivia, 11, Childline service user

Feel Safe

“There is nothing more powerful to a child’s wellbeing than saying ‘You are in a safe space. I will not judge you. I’m not going anywhere. ”

Megan, Childline Volunteer

Express their emotions in a safe way

“Being able to ring Childline was like being held for a little bit. It gave me a safe space. I knew I could ring them at any time and know ‘Ok, someone’s got me.’ I could cry or release whatever I was feeling”

Kate, 15, Childline service user

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