Childline Christmas Appeal

Not every child will have the Christmas they deserve. Will you be there to help children like Niamh?

We all want something this Christmas. We all dream of lavish presents and lots of tasty food on the table. For some of us, Christmas is a time of difficulty and hardship. A time filled with pain and loneliness.

Take Niamh, she called Childline on Christmas Day looking to speak to someone. She was lonely, upset and was missing a special person in her life. Niamh’s mam had passed away suddenly a few months ago and she was heartbroken. She missed her mam and all she wanted for Christmas was to hear her voice again.

Childline wants children like Niamh to know that they matter and that someone out there cares

Niamh is 13 years old and reached out to Childline, because she wanted to talk about her mam. Her family didn’t want to talk about her as they were grieving themselves, and everyone deals with difficulties in life in various way.

Niamh felt that people had moved on from the most important person in her life. Talking about her mam helped her to deal with the loss.

Niamh discussed on the call how a Spotify Playlist that her mam created with all of her favourite Christmas songs gave her comfort when she listened back to it. Niamh would listen to the playlist and all of the memories would come rushing back to her. The playlist felt like a warm hug to Niamh.

Click here to look through Niamh’s ‘Warm Hug Playlist’ and see all of her mam’s favourite songs.

By donating today, you’ll be making sure that Childline is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day – including Christmas – and that there’s always someone there to help children just like Niamh.  

Your support is needed today – so that no child needs to feel alone this Christmas!
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What your gift will mean to a child like Niamh this Christmas

Feel Listened To

“When I am down, I don’t want advice. I just want someone to listen. Knowing there is someone who listens to me really helps.”

Olivia, 11, Childline service user

Feel Safe

“There is nothing more powerful to a child’s wellbeing than saying ‘You are in a safe space. I will not judge you. I’m not going anywhere. ”

Megan, Childline Volunteer

Express their emotions in a safe way

“Being able to ring Childline was like being held for a little bit. It gave me a safe space. I knew I could ring them at any time and know ‘Ok, someone’s got me.’ I could cry or release whatever I was feeling”

Kate, 15, Childline service user

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