It’s time to throw on your runners and hit the virtual slopes!

When the schools closed for the first time in March 2020 due to the COVID_19 pandemic, Childline saw a significant increase in contacts through phone, text and online.

Now, once again, the schools are closed and young people are finding their mental health affected again as they face continued isolation from their friends, lack of routine and the frustration of home-schooling with their families.

Will you help us raise funds by taking part in the #ClimbForChildline Challenge?

The Challenge

  1. Choose a mountain to climb.
  2. Calculate how many flights of stairs it would take to reach the peak.
  3. Climb the stairs enough times over the course of February until you’ve scaled the height of your chosen mountain!


  • Carrauntoohil, Ireland’s highest Peak – 1038m (approx. 399 flights of stairs to climb)
    14 flights per day
  • Mont Blanc, Western Europe’s highest peak – 4,810m (approx. 1850 flights of stairs to climb)
    66 flights per day
  • Mount Everest, World’s highest peak – 8,848m (approx. 3403 flights of stairs to climb)
    122 flights per day
  • Olympus Mons, Mars’s highest peak – 21,287m (approx. 8187 flights of stairs to climb)
    292 flights per day

Obviously, the higher the mountain, the tougher it will be to scale it. Why not get your family, friends or class involved? If you divide the distance between your team, you’ve a much better chance of reaching your goal!

How to Get Involved

  • Click here to set up your Facebook Donation Page.
  • Start climbing.
  • Post pictures and videos of your progress to your social media, tagging ISPCC Childline on Facebook and Instagram! You can also use the hashtags #TeamChildline and #ClimbforChildline

No Stairs, No Problem!

If you don’t have stairs or stairs are just not an option for you, you can still get involved! Every 50 metres you walk, jog or run equals one flight of stairs.

Similarly, if there’s a small hill or peak within your 5km range, calculate the height and climb it however many times is necessary to reach your chosen peak!

The Purpose

Childline’s ability to fundraise has been severely challenged in these trying times which is why we need your support to keep our services open to every child or young person who needs them.

Childline continues to rely on public support for over 90% of its funding. Every day, we receive over 800 contacts, via our call, text and web chat services, from children and young people who often feel they have nowhere else to turn. These children and young people rely on Childline to be there to listen and support but due to Covid-19 restrictions our ability to raise funds in 2021 has decreased dramatically.

Every euro raised will help ensure that Childline is always here for children and young people all across Ireland.

We’ve got a mountain to climb, with your help we can get there together.

Click here to set up your Facebook Donation Page.

Join the #ClimbForChildline Facebook group to share progress and tips with other people taking on the challenge! 

For further information, contact [email protected].

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