Irish Life Charity Partnership 2024

Empowering Lives: Why Irish Life Employees Should Vote for ISPCC in 2024

Dear Irish Life Employees,

In the spirit of fostering positive change and making a lasting impact in our community, the time has come for you to cast your votes and select the charity partner for 2024. Among the worthy candidates, we would ask you to consider the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC) and Childline. This partnership could be the catalyst for transformative change in the lives of those who need it most. There are many wonderful charities out there, all we can do is inform you the urgent work undertaken by ISPCC and highlight the profound impact our collaboration could have on the well-being of countless children facing adversity in Ireland.

Let's Be There For Any Child Who Is Alone Is Suffering Reaches Out

Our Work

The ISPCC, with its historical commitment to the well-being of children, has been at the forefront of safeguarding and advocating for the rights of Ireland’s youth. Every day, countless children face the harsh realities of abuse, neglect, and mental health challenges. ISPCC’s multifaceted approach addresses these issues head-on, providing vital support through helplines, counseling services, and community outreach programs.

One of the flagship initiatives of ISPCC is their 24/7 Childline service, a lifeline for children in distress. Trained professionals and volunteers stand ready to offer a listening ear and guidance to those grappling with the weight of their struggles. By voting for ISPCC, you will be aligning yourselves with an organization that not only acknowledges the urgency of these issues but actively works to create a safer and more nurturing environment for the youngest members of our society.

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What Your Vote Will Mean

Choosing ISPCC as your charity partner in 2024 offers a unique opportunity for Irish Life employees to directly contribute to the betterment of the wider community. The financial and strategic support you can provide will enable ISPCC to expand its reach, intensify its advocacy efforts, and implement innovative solutions to address the evolving needs of children in Ireland.

By collaborating with ISPCC, Irish Life has the chance to be a cornerstone in building a brighter future for countless children across Ireland. The funds raised through our collective efforts can be instrumental in enhancing Childline services, supporting educational initiatives, and developing preventative programs that empower children with the tools they need to overcome adversity and build resilience to face the many new and worrying challenges of the modern era. This partnership is not just a financial commitment; it is an investment in the well-being and potential of the next generation.

Support our mission of building a nation of resilient children

Be A Voice for the Vulnerable

The ISPCC not only provides essential services but also serves as a powerful advocate for children’s rights. By choosing ISPCC as your charity partner, Irish Life employees become advocates for change, amplifying the voices of those who are often unheard. Through your support, ISPCC can continue its impactful lobbying and awareness campaigns, influencing policy decisions and fostering a society that prioritizes the well-being and protection of its children.

The choice before us is not merely about selecting a charity partner; it’s about shaping the future of Ireland’s children. By voting for ISPCC, you will embrace a responsibility to stand with those who need our support the most. Together, we can be a force for positive change, making a lasting impact on the lives of children facing adversity. Let us seize this opportunity to contribute to a brighter and more compassionate future for the youth of Ireland. Vote for ISPCC and be a part of the transformational journey toward a safer, more nurturing society for all.


ISPCC Corporate Fundraising

Marianne O’ Donoghue, Brían Sparks and Carmen Taheny

The Real-Life Impact of our Services:

Feel Listened To

“When I am down, I don’t want advice. I just want someone to listen. Knowing there is someone who listens to me really helps.”

Olivia, 11, Childline service user

Feel Safe

“There is nothing more powerful to a child’s wellbeing than saying ‘You are in a safe space. I will not judge you. I’m not going anywhere. ”

Megan, Childline Volunteer

Express their emotions in a safe way

“Being able to ring Childline was like being held for a little bit. It gave me a safe space. I knew I could ring them at any time and know ‘Ok, someone’s got me.’ I could cry or release whatever I was feeling”

Kate, 15, Childline service user

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