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Missing Children's Hotline – Prevention Tips For Parents

If You Are Concerned Your Child May Have Been Abducted:

  • Consult a lawyer to obtain legal advice concerning the parental situation. Ask also for specific preventive measures with regard to the other parent to be given by the judge. These may include an order banning them from leaving the country with the child, a ban to request the child’s passport, etc.
  • Any order obtained from the courts should be given to the Garda Síochána as soon as possible
  • Inform the people around you and your child (school, colleagues at work, consulate and public administration of your district/town) about your suspicion
  • Collect all relevant information about the other parent’s:
    • Change of behaviour (buying/selling of property, change of job, etc.)
    • Concrete moves (buying of train/airplane tickets; application for a job abroad, etc.)
  • Keep your child’s passport in a safe place
    • If your child has double nationality, get in touch with the authorities (Consulate, etc.) of the other country of which s/he is a national

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