How to Set up A Fundaiser on Facebook?

If you want to know how to set up a fundraiser on Facebook in a couple of minutes then please just watch the video below. All you need is to log in to your Facebook account and to follow a few simple instructions and your fundraiser on Facebook will be ready to share in no time. So if you have a birthday or wedding coming up, or any kind of fundraiser in mind, then why not set up your fundraiser on Facebook, share the link and help us be there for children 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We really appreciate your efforts!

Set Up Your Birthday Fundraiser on Facebook in minutes - Watch Below

If you experience any difficulties setting up your Facebook fundraiser page then just click the button below now to email our team. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with feedback on how you can resolve the issue.

What kind of fundraisers can I set up on Facebook?

The most common fundraisers that people set up on Facebook are usually birthday or wedding fundraisers but the possibilities are almost endless. The most important thing is to edit the details for the page if you are setting up a specific type of fundraiser and to share your link, and update and thank people who have donated. You can create fundraising pages for Childline by ISPCC in a number of areas:

  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Auctions
  • Challenges
  • Any type of event. If you need some inspiration then check out these options
To see more information on Facebook about how you can create fundraiser pages then visit this page 

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How Birthday Fundraisers Work On Facebook?


Creating the Fundraiser:

Users can create a birthday fundraiser on Facebook by selecting a nonprofit organization and setting a fundraising goal. Facebook may suggest nonprofits based on popular causes, or users can choose from a list of eligible organizations. (see video here). We would love if you would select “Childline by ISPCC” as the charity you wish to set up a fundraiser for. You can do that very quickly on Facebook here


Users can customize their fundraiser by adding a personal message explaining why they chose that particular charity and encouraging friends to contribute.


Facebook automatically notifies the user’s friends about the birthday fundraiser, prompting them to donate. Friends can see the fundraiser on the user’s timeline or in their News Feed. But you can do more by simply sharing the link to your Facebook fundraiser page via email, in Whats App groups or on chat.messaging platforms.


Friends can contribute to the fundraiser directly through Facebook by making secure online donations. Facebook processes the transactions and transfers the funds to the chosen nonprofit. It’s all hands-off and intuitive and you don’t have to get involved with handling any cash. Facebook will also inform of who donated and what amount they donated.

Fundraiser Visibility:

The fundraiser remains active for a specified period around the user’s birthday, typically a few weeks. After the fundraiser concludes, Facebook sends the total amount raised to the selected charity. 

Let's Be There For Any Child Who Is Alone Is Suffering Reaches Out

Tips for a Successful Facebook Birthday Fundraiser:

  1. Early Planning:


    Start the fundraiser a few weeks before your birthday to give friends ample time to notice and contribute. Early planning allows for a more extended fundraising window, increasing the likelihood of reaching or surpassing your goal.

  2. Personalization and Storytelling:

    Craft a compelling and personal message explaining why the chosen charity is meaningful to you. Share a story, photos, or anecdotes that connect friends emotionally to the cause. This personal touch can inspire more significant contributions.

  3. Set a Realistic Goal:

    Set a fundraising goal that is challenging yet attainable. Consider your network’s size and generosity. A goal that reflects the cause’s importance and motivates supporters can drive engagement.

  4. Regular Updates and Thank-You Messages:

    Keep your friends informed about the progress of the fundraiser by posting regular updates. Express gratitude to those who have already donated and encourage others to contribute. Thank-you messages create a positive atmosphere and encourage continued support.

  5. Utilize Facebook Features:

    Take advantage of Facebook features, such as sharing photos, creating events, or going live to engage your friends. Share updates, milestones, or even conduct live Q&A sessions to make the fundraiser more interactive and dynamic.

By combining thoughtful personalisation, effective storytelling, and strategic use of Facebook features, you can maximize the impact of your birthday fundraiser. Keep the focus on the cause, express appreciation for support, and maintain active engagement throughout the fundraising period.