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  • Gambling

    Gambling  is an addiction and those implicated may require  professional help to overcome their addiction. Gambling can affect the functioning of family relationships. 

  • Children’s Use of Internet-Enabled Devices 

    Smartphones and other internet-enabled devices like smartphones, ipods, tablets and gaming consoles have become part of everyday life for many people and as a result many children are receiving their first device at a younger age than ever before.

  • Helping Your Child Keep Safe Online

    One of the main concerns a parent has regarding their child’s online life is the potential exposure to inappropriate content online.

  • Helping children navigate through homework and study

    Completing homework and studying can be a stressful time of the evening for children, young people and families.

  • Family Homelessness

    Traditionally the majority of homeless people were single and often living in urban areas, particularly in Dublin, however now the crisis has spread to all parts of the country with a rapid increase in the number of families becoming homeless. 

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