Social media apps and websites suitable for children up to 14

These are apps that let children stay connected without putting them at risk

Humans are very social creatures. We enjoy talking to people, sharing our lives with them and having a look at what they’re up to.

With the advent of social media platforms, this behaviour has increased and so it’s natural that children are learning how to use the internet at increasingly younger ages. 

This can cause anxiety for parents and carers who want to make sure children aren’t seeing inappropriate content before they’re ready.

Most social media platforms have an age restriction of 13 years and up. However, this can be easily bypassed by children simply by saying they’re older than they are.

That being said, there are a number of social media apps specifically designed for children under 13.  

Trivia Crack 

If your child is a budding quizzer, then this is the app for them. Similar to Trivial Pursuit, the wheel is split into 6 categories; Art, Science, Sports, Entertainment, Geography and History. The first player to obtain all six characters wins! Each game will have a maximum of 25 rounds. While this app is free to use, there are in-app purchases so watch out for them. 

There is also a Trivia Crack 2 which adds a new category called “Crown” as well as allowing friends to chat with each other and for you to create teams.  

Available on iOs and Android. 


Known as the ‘Instagram for Kids’, Popjam lets children create and post drawings, use images (so long as they’re not identifiable in the images), play games and follow their friends and favourite influencers. Children can also comment on each other’s photos. 

The app uses moderators and posts can only be shared between 6am and 11pm. The app’s parents’ portal is robust, and the site also offers tips for keeping children safe online. 

Available on iOs and Android.  


You might be familiar with TED Talks where people give talks about topics that they’re experts in. Ted-Ed is the same but for children! There are plenty of videos for every age group on nearly every topic imaginable from emotional health to maths. The videos range in length from a few minutes up to twenty minutes and are a good way of introducing new and interesting things to your child in a fun way that’s enjoyable for you too! 

YouTube Kids 

Similar to YouTube, YouTube Kids is designed for children to make it easier for them to find videos that they’re interested in but that are also age-appropriate for them. It’s aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 12 and allows parents to have greater control over the content that their children are watching. 

Unlike YouTube, there is no public comment section so the potential for cyberbullying is extremely low. 

However, it’s important to note that due to the enormous amount of content uploaded to Youtube every hour, not everything can be manually reviewed before children see it. Check out this Safety Detectives article for more information on how to protect your child from disturbing videos even with safety measures in place.

Available oiOs, Android and here 

National Geographic 

National Geographic has created these classroom resources to help teachers bring their lessons to life. However, you don’t need to be a teacher to explore them! The easy-to-use search function lets you find information on any topic for any age group which is perfect for curious children.  

They also have a dedicated website for younger children with videos and games. While some of the content is targeted at American schoolchildren, there are still plenty of topics that young people can learn about and have fun while doing so! 

Available here. 


Specifically designed by parents, teachers and children, ChatFOSS is a place for children to chat with their friends without the risks of more notable social media platforms.  

It combines the functionality of Messenger, Snapchat and Instagram, allowing users to instantly share messages, photos and videos with their friends. There is also a group chat function but only you have the power to accept the invitation to join. 

An adult is required to set up an account for security purposes but unlike Messenger Kids, ChatFOSS is not free.  

Available on iOs and Android.  

How Stuff Works 

Parents and carers the world over are often stumped by curious children asking them about how things work. With this website, you can let them find out the answers for themselves! With topics ranging from money to animals, there are articles, videos and quizzes to keep your child entertained for hours. Plus you might learn a thing or two yourself! 

Available here. 


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