How to introduce your child to self-care


Self-care seems to be something that only adults practice but it’s something that can and should be incorporated into children’s lives as well.

Learning to take care of their physical and mental health is as important, if not more so, as your child learning maths, science and history.  

One of the first ways a parent can teach their child self-care is to let them do things for themselves. Often, if you’re in a hurry, the tendency is to do the task for the child, like brushing their hair or tying their shoelaces.  

Next time, ask them to do it. Say, ‘I’ll be here to help if you need me but give it a try yourself first.’ 

By giving them autonomy and healthy habits, your child will grow up more independent and self-sufficient, knowing that they have the power to make themselves feel good.   

Some basic self-care actions they can learn include:  


As they get older, it’s vital to show them that, as much as they might love TV, video games or Netflix, the best self-care doesn’t involve screen-time.  

You could spend quality time with them doing any of the following self-care activities: 

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