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ISPCC Shield Campaign

Why Do We Need a National Shield Campaign?
In 2014, more than 8,000 children contacted the ISPCC about bullying.  That’s 23 children per day - almost an entire average sized classroom. At the ISPCC, we listen to children.  We know from children the impact that bullying has on their lives, on their self-esteem, on their ability to grow. 
At the ISPCC, we are playing our part.
  • Every day our volunteers and staff work as Shields; protecting, supporting and listening to children.  
  • Our ISPCC Shield Campaign aims to protect children from bullying and from its effects.
  • Our services are preventative and empowering, providing children and young people with the necessary coping skills to deal with and protect themselves from bullying. 
But standing up against bullying is not something that we can do alone - everyone has a part to play. Tackling bullying should be a national priority.
Our Success To Date
  •  Almost 200 schools across Ireland have availed of the Shield My School Anti-Bullying Toolkit 
  •  In 2014 we developed a national ISPCC recognition for schools who go the extra mile to prevent bullying, by awarding the first ever Shield My School Flag.
  • Our Stand-Up Bullying  Report Tool – which schools and clubs can put on their website.
  • In 2014 we launched our first ever Shield Youth Award, giving schools the chance to shout about the work they are doing to stand up against bullying
  • We’ve signed up 15 new celebrity Shield Ambassadors- all showing their public commitment to tackling bullying, and protecting children.
In 2015 We Aim To
  1. Provide help directly to parents through a range of new online resources and our existing Parent Mentoring Service
  1. Roll out our Anti-Bullying Toolkit  to clubs and community groups- going beyond schools, and recognising the bullying is everyone’s responsibility.
  1. Make sure national organisations, including political parties, Stand up Against Bullying, by pledging their support for the campaign.
  1. Provide direct expert advice to schools across Ireland to ‘fly the flag’ against bullying - by increasing the number of schools who are awarded ‘Shield my School Flag’ status. 
  1. Ensure all our Shield Anti-Bullying services get the financial resource they need to meet demand.  You can help by buying a Shield Pin or Shield Bracelet
What Can You Do To Stand Up Against Bullying?