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ISPCC Shield Campaign

ISPCC Shield Campaign - Protect Children from Bullying
In March 2012, the ISPCC launched the ISPCC Shield Campaign to protect children from bullying. 
The ISPCC is well aware, through our direct services with children and young people, of both the impact of bullying and the challenges of dealing with it.  This is why we launched the ISPCC Shield Campaign last year to address this complex and multifaceted issue that the whole community has a role in dealing with.
2014 Campaign Launch
The 2014 campaign will be launching on Monday February 24th and running for the month of March - watch this space for more details!
Show Your Support!
This year we are inviting schools to hold their own anti-bullying week during the month of March to raise awareness on the issue of bullying.  If you are a school that would like to take part please click here
Click here to find out how you can get involved and help us stand up against bullying
Click here if you would like to get involved through employee fundraising or click here to become a corporate partner
Campaign information and Resources

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