Could you help Childline listen to children?

We’re recruiting for volunteers in our Dun Laoghaire and Drogheda units. Help us be there for children and young people

Childline volunteers are the heart and soul behind its 24/7 listening service for children and young people. These men and women go out of their way time and again to offer support to those who need it, whenever they need it, no matter the reason.

The Childline listening service is now recruiting volunteers for its offices in Dun Laoghaire and Drogheda. Its 24/7 listening service is free and confidential and can be reached online or by phone.

Childline volunteers come from all walks of life and are united by one common purpose: to help ensure no child or young person in Ireland has to face their challenges alone, no matter how big or small.

An excellent team spirit and sense of support prevails at Childline units throughout the country where volunteers gather for their four-hour weekly shift. Volunteers receive full training in advance of answering their first contact and ongoing support and upskilling thereafter.

Childline regional supervisor Mary Nolan Durkan says: “Childline volunteers play a vital role in helping to ensure there is always someone there to listen, support and empower children and young people in Ireland when they seek a listening ear. The Childline training course is a comprehensive course which equips volunteers with the skills to deliver a quality service to children.”

One of Childline’s volunteers Dee says that she never expected to get so much back from volunteering in her own life. “I have learned so many new skills and made friends from all walks of life. We are all united with a common purpose: to make sure every child has somewhere they can turn.”

Another volunteer Liz says that although she was initially nervous at the thought of becoming a volunteer with Childline, she is delighted that she did it. “People always think that you’re dealing with the most neglected children of society but this is not necessarily the truth, so many children just need to talk. It tugs at my heartstrings that so many children need Childline.”

If you would like more information on becoming a Childline volunteer at our unit in Dun Laoghaire and helping the service to listen to children and young people, please contact [email protected]


Kicking off a winning collaboration between Childline, DDSL and the beautiful game

How Childline and DDSL are teaming up to help ensure there’s always someone to listen when a child needs to talk

Childline by ISPCC and the Dublin District Soccer League (DDSL) are two organisations, united by a common cause – our wish to support children and young people. Childline and DDSL are delighted to announce our three-year partnership, the aim of which is to ensure that children and young people know they can always reach out, no matter what is on their mind.

Childline is home to Ireland’s only 24/7 listening services for children and young people. Childline staff and volunteers ensure that there is always someone to listen when a child or young person needs to talk. 

ISPCC needs to raise up to 75% of its funding each year from donations and the charity appreciates all support which helps ensure its services and supports are available to children and young people all day, every day.  

Childline is very grateful to Dublin and District Schoolboys’/girls’ Soccer League for donating 50c of each child’s annual registration fee to the organisation and is looking forward to our three-year partnership and commitment to supporting the well-being of children, parents and clubs within DDSL. 

DDSL, the leading youth football development league, is an organisation responsible for organising and overseeing competitive football matches for school children in the greater Dublin area. 

John Church, CEO of ISPCC, says: “DDSL plays a key role in the grassroots soccer community, Childline is here for every child and young person, and together we can make a real difference to the lives of the young members of our society. We can ensure that the over 35,000 children who are registered with the DDSL feel supported, listen to and informed.”


“We at the DDSL are delighted to partner with Childline and support the tremendous work they do in the support to children and parents when they need it most,” says Niall O’Driscoll, Director Dublin & District Schoolboys/girls League. 


“We will be launching dedicated training/educational supports for clubs, volunteers and parents using ISPCC’s Shield anti-bullying programme together with Childline’s 24/7 listening service, which is always available for any child needing help or just to talk.


“The player/child-centred approach of both organisations will be used to increase awareness and help adults understand the many issues and challenges our kids face in the current society.”


As part of its collaboration with DDSL, Childline has committed to providing: 

• workshops to DDSL and their clubs to ensure that every coach, parent and child has access to the supports they need

• access to Childline’s Anti-Bullying programme Shield for all 132 clubs

• supports for parents, coaches and children published on the DDSL website, socials and emails to the children’s guardians and coaches

Childline will be fundraising at the DDSL’s premier event this year – the Cup Final on May 19, 24, 25 and 26. Those attending will be able to donate to Childline.  All donations are very gratefully received. 




Get your runners on this Easter weekend for fun, frolics and a family day out!

Childline Family Fun Run 2024

Fancy a fun day out for the whole family this Easter with face painting, goody bags, music and much, much more? Then make your way to the West Pier in Dun Laoghaire for Childline’s inaugural Family Fun Run on Easter Saturday, March 30.

The day before Easter Sunday is a perfect one for an active get-together with the whole family, whether you fancy a walk, jog or run. The next day you’ll have the perfect excuse to indulge yourself with an Easter Egg or two or three…

The course is a total of just 3km (1.5km out along the pier and then back), and is suitable for everyone, including parents with strollers, small children, teenagers and not forgetting grandparents.

Whether you’re an active family, or you and your family are looking for a way to spend quality time together while giving back to an amazing cause; we have the perfect challenge for the whole family. 

To register for the event or find out more, go to Childline Family Fun Run| Fundraising Event Ireland (

The event takes place between 10am and 12pm on the lower level of the West Pier and it’s open to all combinations of families and all ages, although those under 16 must be accompanied by an older family member. 

Once you’ve completed the pier run, you will receive a Childline Family Fun Run Certificate of Completion. Make sure you’ve got space on the fridge!

ISPCC needs to raise over 75% of its funding through donations each year to ensure we can be there to support children and young people 24-hours a day, 365 days of the year. We rely on the generosity of the public and are grateful for all support. We encourage children to reach out for any reason.

ISPCC receives ‘triple lock’ status again

We are delighted to announce ISPCC has yet again been awarded ‘Triple Lock’ status by Charities Institute Ireland (CII).

This status is awarded to charities that uphold the highest standards in transparent reporting, ethical fundraising and strong governance structures. As a triple-lock member, we maintain the highest standards of governance, ensuring that our donors, voluntary partners and the charitable community have complete faith in our organisation.

ISPCC is among a small number of registered charities in Ireland to have met this high standard of excellence.

To achieve the Triple Lock status, we adhered to the following guidelines regarding ethical fundraising, financial reporting and governance:

• we adopt the Guidelines for Charitable Organisations for Fundraising to the Public. Our staff, volunteers and anyone else fundraising on our behalf are fully trained on the requirements and we have implemented controls to ensure that all our fundraising practices are fully in line with the Guidelines

• We prepare an annual report and financial statements in full compliance with the Charity SORP (Standard of Reporting Practice under FRS102).

• Our board has formally adopted the ‘Charities Governance Code. This means that we comply with the six principles of governance. These require that we advance charitable purpose, behave with integrity, lead people, exercise control, work effectively and are accountable.

Get up, get out and get talking to help Childline by ISPCC help children and young people in Ireland

Childline by ISPCC urges Ireland to get chatting with our latest fundraising campaign

Get talking while walking and help children and young people by supporting the ‘Lap and Chat’ fundraising campaign from Childline by ISPCC. This latest campaign was developed in direct response to the worries of callers to Childline, ISPCC’s 24/7 listening service.

Both walking and talking are good for us but, together, they have added benefits. International research indicates that people with anxious tendencies feel more at ease with the person they were interacting with if they aren’t making eye contact with that person.

Childline is Ireland’s only 24/7 listening service for children and young people, and volunteers have increasingly been hearing callers share their mental health concerns.

We know from talking to children and young people that their worries range from sibling rivalry and differences in music tastes to exam anxiety, confusion about sexuality and self-harming.

This spring, Childline by ISPCC is calling on schools, clubs and creches to take part in our latest campaign by walking a lap while having a chat with a friend in the yard, school or local area.

We listen to school students sharing their worries every day so we know how vital it is for children and young people to share what’s on their mind.

Childline provides a supportive listening ear for all those worries and anything else on the minds of our callers. “If a worry is big to any of our callers, it’s big to us at Childline,” says John Church, ISPCC CEO.

ISPCC needs to raise up to 75% of its funding each year from donations and the charity is grateful for all support which helps ensure its services and supports are available to children and young people all day, every day.

To find out more about the campaign, including information on how to sign up a school, club or creche, visit

ISPCC will provide a virtual school talk, reflection workbook for students, an information booklet about its school services and a completion certification.

The Lap and Chat event can be held any time in March or April.