Childline introduces Ukrainian services for families and children in need

In a time of great turmoil and change, Childline is here for every child and young person – including those making a new life in this country.

Childline has updated it’s extensive suite of services to accommodate the growing number of children, young people and families seeking refuge in Ireland from the war in Ukraine.

New additions to our services include the following: 

  • Selected sections of the Childline website have been translated into Ukrainian including sections on what Childline is; limits of confidentiality; how to access all Childline services, our privacy statement and in particular, how to register and login for live chat and text services online.
    (As part of this translation, there will be an explanation that while the phone service is English-speaking, we can engage in their language through the 24 hour text and chat service)

  • 24 hour active listening Text and Chat line available on a 24-hour basis to engage with the child in their language

  • Provision of a 24-hour helpline to children – English speaking only – 1800 66 66 66

  • A Parent’s Support Line that will operate from 9am – 1pm Monday to Friday

  • Parenting Supports – in particular the development of content / articles translated into Ukrainian on topics of particular interest to this particular group and made available on the Parenting Hub of e.g. How to create happy moments for your child during stressful times

  • E-therapeutic support (one-to-one support) delivered to children virtually. Interpreters where required will be utilised during these sessions. We have recruited Ukranian, Hungarian and Russian-speaking volunteers who are currently going through garda vetting – these volunteers will be utilised in Teams therapeutic sessions with children and families

  • Future plans include the expansion of the Ask Alex service for children arriving from the Ukraine who cannot speak English. Within this service “Alex”  responds to a selection of questions posed by children on All these questions and responses are publicly available at for all children and young people to see. This is very beneficial to some children who may not be ready to take that first step of reaching out for support. This service will be made available in Ukrainian

  • We also plan to develop video content (in Ukranian) on coping skills and mindfulness practices which will be available on and shared widely (via social channels).

Director of Services, Caroline O’Sullivan said:

“Childline services are available 24 hours a day to any child living in Ireland. We are delighted that we are able to extend these services to children and families who have arrived or are arriving from Ukraine.

“We are very grateful to St. Patrick’s Mental Health Services for their financial support in the development of these services and for the positive response we received to our call for volunteers who speak Ukranian. It is through this volunteer effort that we can provide this extension of services nationally.”